Gluten Bootin’ Bakery

  **Sadly, the time has come for the Gluten Bootin’ Bakery to close its doors.  We want to thank you, our customers, for giving us the opportunity to supply you with high quality, delicious gluten free baked goods these past few years.  It has been our pleasure to prove through our work that gluten free food can stand along side conventional bakery products and be equally, if not more, satisfying.  We celebrate the fact that gluten free has become more mainstream, and there is no doubt that someone will quickly come along to fill any void we create by our closing.  Thank you for your support, loyalty and for welcoming us into your gluten free lives!**

At the Gluten Bootin’ Bakery we understand the unique challenges and benefits of living the gluten-free lifestyle. After years of experimenting, we are happy to offer truly delicious gluten-free baked products and mixes that are so scrumptious you’ll want to eat them even if you’re not actively avoiding gluten! While alternative foods are becoming increasingly available, it is still difficult to find tasty, fresh, and local gluten-free items that satisfy. The Gluten Bootin’ Bakery sets a new standard for high quality baked goods… and we think you’re going to like it! For your convenience, our treats can be found at local coffee houses, independent grocers and more.

*We are sorry to announce that our baking mixes will no longer be available for purchase in stores or online*

Muffin of the Month: Orange Cranberry

Because variety in food choices is often unavailable to the gluten-free consumer, we offer a new Mondo Muffin each month that reflects the seasonal flavors of our area. Chocolate and spice flavors bring in the New Year, while fruits and berries dominate the spring and summer months and fall takes on a more earthy nature. This means that most our Mondo Muffins flavors will rotate on a seasonal basis, but they will return eventually.

New Location:  Cups Coffee

Please help us in welcoming Cups Coffee to the Gluten Bootin’ family!  Check out our locations page for Cups Coffee’s address and hours.

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